Virtual Visa Card

Choose different currency These gift cards can only be redeemed in a the currency they are purchased for. Therefore, please make sure to select the correct currency.

Buy a Virtual Visa Card online

Buy your Visa Gift Card online in an instant to use this secure prepaid credit card immediately for all your online payments. It’s secure, easy and fast, due to instant email delivery. A Visa Gift Card prevents overspending as it isn’t connected to your bank account. Experience the security and freedom of spending secure prepaid credit online with this sublime prepaid credit card!

Instant email delivery of digital Visa Gift Card

Select the amount of prepaid cash you want to put on your prepaid Visa Card and select one of our secure payment methods to finish your transaction. Immediately after that, you will receive a digital token by email, which you can instantly redeem for your digital Visa Gift Card. This digital code has to be redeemed within 4 months after purchase. Once redeemed, your digital Visa Gift Card is generated and added to your digital wallet which you can always access to look up your prepaid credit card balance and details, like the credit card number, CVC code and expiry date.

If you have any questions or need assistance with redeeming your digital Visa Gift Card code, please contact our customer service by mail or chat. They’re happy to help you out!

How does a virtual Visa Gift Card work?

You don’t have to apply for a prepaid credit card, like this virtual Visa Gift Card. Other than a debit card the virtual Visa Gift Card is not tied to your bank account and you can only spend the prepaid value it is charged with.Since your virtual Visa Card is safely stored in an online wallet you cannot lose it. But you can always look up your card’s details, check your remaining balance and review your purchases there. Once redeemed, the virtual prepaid MasterCard is valid for 6 months in the US. This prepaid credit card works best online, everywhere Visa and Mastercard are accepted as payment method. Other comparable products are for instance a Paysafecard.

Digital nomads love a Visa Gift Card!

Do you have friends who live their lives as digital nomads? Then you could consider giving them a prepaid Visa Gift Card as present for their Birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. A prepaid Visa Gift Card is simply a great present for anyone who wants to spend money securely online. Frequent travelers, digital nomads and your friends and family abroad will love a prepaid Visa Card as present! It’s an easy, fast and secure way to gift someone with prepaid cash to spend online. Customize your present by choosing one of our many free gift card templates and apply it to your Visa Gift Card. Add your personal message and you are ready to download your customized gift card and print it out or send it on digitally.

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